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We have many volunteer opportunities that can be tailored to the amount of time you want to contribute. Please fill out our contact form to let us know your specific desires, time requirements, or expertise. We will be happy to connect with you!

Here are a few ways to help:

  • Sisters GRO Board Member

  • Advisory Committee Member

  • Grant Writing

  • Scholarship Selection Process

  • Senior Celebration Event

  • ASPIRE Mentor

IMG_1240 (1).JPG

"Upon retirement I wanted to stay active in a meaningful way and become more involved in the Sisters community. As an ASPIRE Mentor, I love working with students, helping them put the puzzle pieces together for a post high school game plan. Joining the Sisters GRO Board was a natural next step once I discovered the amazing work the organization does in supporting scholarship opportunities and changing lives. Both volunteer opportunities have enriched my life, introduced me to wonderful community members and created a lot of fun!" 

Susan Parker

Sisters GRO Board Member & ASPIRE Mentor

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