Committee Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISTS?

ISTS stands for International Scholarship and Tuition Services. They are the organization that manages the online database for Sisters GRO scholarship application, review and selection. The login site for both students and selection committees on ISTS is

I am having a hard time logging into ISTS. What do I do?

If you are experiencing issues logging in on the ISTS site, visit our Committee Login Issues page.

I have only been asked to score a couple of sections on the scholarship applications but ISTS is requiring scores for sections I am not scoring. What do I do?

If there is a score that you are not asked to submit but ISTS requires a value to be entered, simply put '0' in the box.

How do I score scholarship applications?

Refer to your selection committee Chair for specific instructions on how they would like you to score applications. If you are looking for assitance on how to provide objective scores, you can refer to our Selection Committees page where you will find a scoring rubric and an interview matrix.

Where do we submit our final scholarship selections?

Final selections will be submitted by the Chair only. The Chair will use their Chair username and password to login to the Final Selection Site to submit final scholarship selections.

What is the Spread Process?

To learn more about the Spread Process, visit our Spread Process page.

What do we do if our choosen recipient no longer meets our scholarship eligibility requirements?

If your final recipient no longer meets your eligibility requirements, we can work with you to either reward another student in your scholarship applicant pool or you can hold on to funds for the following year.

Can we change our scholarship eligibiity requirements?

Yes, at the start of each academic year you have the ability to change your scholarship eligibility requirements. This will take place in October/November.

When do I have to submit the funds for my scholarship?

The final deadline for funds is the same day as the selection deadline which is typically at the end of April. However, we greatly appreciate the ability to receive and confirm funds by early January.

Where do I send the funds for our scholarship?

You can submit funds either by mail or online: Check: mail a check made out to Sisters GRO to P.O. Box 1546, Sisters, OR 97759. Online: make an online payment using a credit card or your PayPal account. Please keep in mind that PayPal takes 2.89% off of the donation plus a $0.49 standard fee to cover their processing costs. For example, if you have a $1,000 scholarship and want the full $1,000 to go to the student, the online payment would need to be $1029.39. Visit our Donate Today page to access the link for online payments.