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Chair Instructions

Thank you for your commitment and leadership! We know that coordinating this process takes a few steps and we are here to help. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding scholarship review and selection.

You can also access our Committee Frequently Asked Questions page to review responses to common questions. 

1. Form a committee of at least three people (including yourself) to score applications and select scholarship recipients. Due to IRS guidelines, the selection process may not be controlled by the donor, meaning that the selection committee must include more non-donors than donors. 

2. Collect signatures on the Sisters GRO Scholarship Selection Committee Policies and Agreements from all committee members either electronically or printed. Keep these forms with your committee records. This is a requirement to ensure that all donations remain tax deductible.

3. Send committee names and email to Sisters GRO via email or google form.

4. Send an email to each committee member that includes:

  • Link to the Reviewer’s Instructions.

  • Link to the Scoring Site: and the instructions to click the Forgot Password link if it's their first-time logging in.

  • Customized instructions on how you want applications scored.

  • Deadline for scoring - be sure to provide enough time for the committee to discuss scores and choose recipients prior to the final selection deadline.

5. Begin reviewing applications. As a Chair/Donor, if you are also reviewing applications, which isn’t always the case, when you login you need to select the Assignments tab on the left navigation bar when logged into AwardSpring. (The Applicants tab will show your historically chosen applicants after the first year.)

6. Interviewing Candidates If you would like to set up interviews with candidates either in person or virtually, contact Katie Arends at Sisters High School at or call 541-549-4045.

7. Submit your selections  Once you have made your decision on who to award and if you will participate in the GRO spread process, submit your selection via the google form emailed to you from Regan. Contact her if you need that link again.

Additional resources for scoring including a rubric and interview matrix can be found here

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