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Reviewer Instructions

Thank you for participating in this important process of being a scholarship selection review committee!

You should have received an email from your Committee Chairperson (often the main donor for the scholarship) with this Reviewer Guide as well as any scholarship specific instructions for the review process.

1. Login 



If this is your first time logging in to AwardSpring click the "Forgot Password" link and enter your email. If this email matches what was submitted to SistersGRO by your committee chair than you will receive a reset password link. This link will expire in 24 hours, and you will have to submit another request after that.

If you have already logged in this year or in previous years you may simply enter your email and password.

2. Access Student Applications

To view student applications, click on the name of the scholarship. If you are considered the primary donor you will click Assignments on the left-hand navigation bar to get to the name of the scholarship. Click on a student name to begin the process. There are additional links on the student's application page to access their transcript and portfolios if applicable.​

3. Score Applications

It does not matter how hard or easy you score the applications, as long as you are consistent throughout all of the applications that you are scoring. Some reviewers have found it to be best practice to read through all of the applications one time before returning to score individual submissions. 

If you would like assistance with understanding how to score applications, refer to the application scoring rubric

4. Review Scores and Select Recipients

Likely you will hold a phone, virtual or in-person meeting to discuss the top scoring applicants and agree on a finalist or finalists to receive your scholarship. 

5. Enjoy Your Good Deed

Your selection committee Chair will submit the chosen finalist(s) to Sisters GRO. Once this process is completed, take time to reflect on what you learned from and about the candidates for your scholarship and have pride in knowing that you are making a difference in their lives. Thank you! 


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