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Roundhouse Enrichment Experiences

The Roundhouse Foundation was established with a mission to encourage community enrichment and economic development through the arts in Central Oregon.  For this reason, The Roundhouse Foundation is offering scholarships to be distributed to middle and high school students in Sisters for enriching experiences. Sisters GRO manages this scholarship and oversees the application, recipient selection, and disbursement process.

Roundhouse Foundation Enrichment Experience Applications are accepted throughout the school year but must be received no later than 30 days prior to the experience activity, allowing time for processing and consideration. Summer experiences are encouraged, but applications for these activities must be submitted no later than the last day of the school year. No incomplete or late applications will be considered.  A selection comm
ittee of SHS staff, Sisters GRO board members, and Sisters community leaders will determine recipients and scholarship award amounts.



  • Roundhouse scholarship applications for 2023-24 open September 5, 2023 and run through June 20th, 2024. Applications are reviewed as they are received. Funding is limited. 

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in the Sisters School District in grades 5-12

    • For Senior students, experiences must be completed prior to graduation.

  • Experiences:

    • must include an enriching benefit to the student that pertains to the discovery of post-graduate career selection or aspirations, and/or makes a difference in the community.

    • can be workshops, seminars, camps, or other activities that meet the requirements above.

    • NOTE:  sports-related activities, faith-based experiences, online courses, and travel vacations will not be considered.

  • The maximum request for middle school students is $500 and for high school students is $1000.

  • The experience must take place within the academic year in which the student is applying (current year is September 2023 - August 2024).

  • Students may only be awarded for one experience per year and may not receive funding for the same experience more than twice during their time as a student (with the exception of Outlaw Aviation which can only be covered once).

  • Scholarships are awarded on an individual basis and may be granted to a maximum of four students applying for the same experience in one year. Class, SSD staff-led, and SMS or SHS sponsored events and/or activities will not be considered. 

  • Scholarship applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the experience (or prior to the last day of school for summer activities). Incomplete or late applications will not be considered and students may not request reimbursement after an experience has been completed.

  • Distribution of scholarship funds will be made directly to the sponsoring organization (not to the student or family member).

  • Within 14 days after the Enrichment Experience, recipients are required to submit an Exit Form including an essay, photos of the experience/activity, and a donor thank you message. An online form will be sent to the student via email. 





Note: The online application is in a Google Form. If you'd prefer a fillable PDF or a printed version to complete, click on the appropriate link for the middle school or the high school application and return to your school counselor. 

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