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2019 Scholarship Recipients

Our Mission

To help graduates achieve their educational aspirations, inspiring them to give back by becoming more

Sisters Graduate Resource Organization (Sisters GRO) helps Sisters High School graduates embark with more than a diploma in hand – they begin their pursuit of post-secondary education with a scholarship representing their community’s belief in them. The organization raises, receives and distributes scholarships funds; administers the scholarship process; and helps students develop their future educational plans.  

Our community is doing a great job of preparing our students for college and in fact, 78% of SHS 2020 graduates enrolled in a two or four year institution or vocational program. The cost of higher education is continuing to climb however, with the average cost of tuition and fees at a four-year institution in 2020-2021 ranging from $9,000 (public institutions) to $33,000 (private institutions) per year. This left the typical graduate in 2019 with nearly $30,000 in private and federal loan debt as they entered the working world.


The cost does pay off over time. Candidates with trade school training and associate's degrees are shown to earn 25-45% more than peers with a high school diploma, and candidates with a bachelor's degree earn 66% more. This increase in earning potential over one's career has a significant impact on both the vitality of their lives and their local community. 

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