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Sisters GRO is an independent non-profit that partners
with local donors and Sisters High School to
ensure access to higher education for all SHS graduates. 


Andrew Mayes '17

 "The scholarships I received in high school set me on the path and elevated my experience in college and for success after graduating. I am grateful for Sisters GRO and the people who helped me get to where I am"

Andrew graduated from Utah State University in 2021 with a degree in History. He is commissioning in the US Air Force as a Drone Pilot. Andrew received both Sisters GRO and Roundhouse scholarships.


Pearl Gregg '21

"The financial support I have received through these scholarships will make a huge difference for me and my family in the coming years.

I am so excited to continue my education and personal growth." 

Pearl is currently studying at Central Oregon Community College to become a certified EMT/Paramedic. 


Dan Schmidt '20

"Having Sisters GRO offer the tremendous support I received made me feel more confident about my future. GRO . . .has helped me realize that I truly can accomplish anything!"

Dan will be attending Colorado College while working as a Producer for a multi-award winning series called Adventures with Purpose. He also volunteers as a teacher in the woodshop at SHS helping students to make skis and snowboards.

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